Beer and Bands Thing

Pizza Port asked us to be a part of a very cool event where 3 bands collaborated with brewers to create their own batch of beers!!  Along with our friends Wish and the Well and Clint Westwood, we will be premiering these beers at The Pour House in Oceanside Friday September 29th...    Come out and try our Mexican Lager Que Paso , it will also be available at Pizza Port in Carlsbad so go there and ask for some of that!!!


Booze Brothers Brewery

Friday March 10th we play at Booze Brothers Brewery in Vista!! If you haven't been to this brewery you got to check out the amazing work these guys do.   We will be sharing the night with Luke Pelletier whose artwork is amazing!!!!   Free show

March Residency at Pour House Oceanside

Our residency at the Pour House in Oceanside begins this Sunday night (March 5)! We are so excited about this! We have decided to use this occasion to celebrate our years together as a band. It has been an incredible journey. We want to make this special for our friends and fans who have supported us from the beginning of our early days. We play every Sunday this month from 8pm - 1130pm. That's right! Each night, we will be performing songs from our entire catalogue. Each show will feature tracks from our 5 records in addition to unreleased gems. We also have some surprises planned, including some tributes to our friends in local bands for whom we have great love and respect as well as some carefully selected cover songs from artists we admire. If there was ever a reason to come see Trouble in the Wind, this is your chance. I promise, we will be bringing our love and passion to the stage every night and we hope to make this a special month for all in attendance



new shows added!

tuesday 8/30 we play at Pour House in Oceanside, CA sharing the stage with Hayley Thompson King for DJ Alexicon Devil's residency night!


 then we have just finalized a show at the Casbah in San Diego for Saturday September 10th with the Red Foxtails, Sick Balloons and Born Gypsy!!!!1

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