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Touching down


A band raised in the Southern California sunshine, Trouble in the Wind has a sound that filters the golden state’s surf-rock glow through layers of gritty folk with a twinge of country.

With momentum from their award-winning releases “Pineapple Moon” and the critically acclaimed “Lefty” the band is poised to release one of their most ambitious projects to date, a new full-length record called “Hammer On.”  

The new album is set for release July 20th , 2018 on In Your Neighborhood Music. Hammer On’s tracks feature influences from Neil Young, Wilco, Dylan, and even Springsteen, with sultry sprinkles of the Yacht Rock genre.

Singles “Lone Starman” and “Touching Down” include multi-instrumental flavorings that harken back to Wilco’s groundbreaking “AM”, while “Tiki Bar” takes us on a fun, yacht rock filled dance floor cruise, while “Liberty Bell” shows the  band’s edge beyond Americana into a blistering

dark side of Neil Young-esque guitar sounds. But don’t forget “Fall Guy” with a chorus to bring all the fans together with their mugs in the air singing “ooohh, ooooh, there’s a frog in my soul”. Happiness, lovestruck, with a touch of darkness and comedy, it’s Trouble in the Wind.

The group’s identity is driven by powerhouse front man Robby Gira, whose voice conjures memories of David Byrne’s commanding delivery in “Stop Making Sense.” And like many of the great acts they’ve been compared to – including the Talking Heads, Roy Orbison, and Neil Young – they deliver a style layered with rich instrumentation.

TITW’s music ranges from solemn, mournful tunes layered with pedal-steel to fun-loving, upbeat numbers with quick-paced banjo plucking. TITW sways between genres: Americana, Alt-Country and  Alternative Rock. Their album tracks include everything from party anthems to love songs. There is a cohesive nature to the band’s sound, making it easy to identify a familiar Trouble tune within the first few notes.


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