• Saturday April 16th  - @ Spin Records: National Record Store Day                                                                                                           Carlsbad, CA    4:00pm   (free show)  all ages

                      - we are happy to be back at our favorite record store Spin Records in Carlsbad.  They will be having great releases out and we are performing.  Event starts at 12pm with other greats acts as Nena Anderson, John Meeks, Scruffles and we play at 4pm

  • Friday April 22nd  - @ Booze Brothers Brewery:                                                                                                                                      Vista, CA          7:00pm   (free show)


  • Thursday May 5th  - @ Boar Cross'n:  Cinco de Mayo celebration   w/ L.A. Edwards                                                                           Carlsbad, CA    9:00pm   ($5)  21+
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