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"S.O.N.G.S" at Belly Up

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FREE show if you RSVP on the facebook event, we will be playing a few acoustic songs with Robby, Keith and Kyle!

“Songs for S.O.N.G.S.” anti-nuclear rally to entertain, inform

SOLANA BEACH (Oct. 3, 2018) – A 1960s-style rally set for 7 p.m. Monday has drawn a diverse lineup of musicians and speakers to the Belly Up nightclub to protest the storage of nuclear waste on the beach at San Onofre .

The free event, “Songs for S.O.N.G.S.,” will entertain, inform and inspire the audience to demand safer alternatives for storing 3.6 million pounds of high-level radioactive material. The plant’s operator is moving the waste to a location that is footsteps from the beach. Last month, calls for safer storage intensified after a near accident during a transfer of the spent nuclear fuel at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (S.O.N.G.S.).

“Songs for S.O.N.G.S.” organizers are pushing back with a program of speakers and music that will also be livestreamed on

MUSIC - Jon Foreman of Switchfoot - Iron Sage Wood featuring Rob Machado - Jupiter and Okwess - The Shift - Chris Cote - Karlos Paez of B Side Players - Nena Anderson - Latanya Lockett - Robby, Keith and Kyle from Trouble in the Wind

SPEAKERS - Len Hering, Rear Admiral, United States Navy (Ret) - Jim Bunch, Chairman U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce - Ian Cairns, Former Professional Surfer - Cathy Iwane, Fukushima Evacuee - Pam Patterson, San Juan Capistrano City Council - Peter Zahn, Solana Beach City Council - Sarah Brady, Committee to Bridge the Gap - Becky Mendoza, Changing Tides Foundation - Adam Salkin, Filmmaker - Jacqueline Rossow, Samuel Lawrence Foundation

About 30 miles north of the Belly Up, the San Onofre nuclear power plant closed in 2013 after massive equipment failures. High-level radioactive waste produced during the station’s 45 years of operation today is being stored just 108 feet from the ocean. If the storage system fails from corrosion, an earthquake, tidal activity, terrorism or an accident, public health and could be put at serious risk, experts say.

The Belly Up is located at 143 S. Cedros Ave., Solana Beach. The free event is open to anyone 21 or older. Doors open at 6 p.m. RSVPs can be made through a Facebook invitation.

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Same Same But Different Festival (Lake Perris, CA)


Same Same But Different is a two-day music & arts festival in Lake Perris, CA built to celebrate what makes us all different and unique, something the world really needs more of these days. This year our goal is to disrupt the current echo-chamber effect that social media, the news and society has created. We strive to push each other to listen to one another again as human beings, whether or not we agree on every topic.

To do this we are creating an incredible curated lineup from many music genres together on two alternating stages in beautiful Lake Perris, California. Having one stage as the focal point encourages festival goers to explore beyond genres they normally would listen to, and to embrace the unique experience different artists have to offer.

In the same way different genres can be appreciated if they’re listened to with open ears, differing opinions on social, political and moral issues can also be appreciated if they’re listened to with open minds. If we start there, perhaps we can find common ground with each other. 

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